All About Beekeeping

Max1My name is Max. I bought my first beehive 11 years ago as a hobby. Beekeeping is my main source of income now.

My apiary has 250 families at the moment. My main focus is honey production and consulting services.

Beekeeping for beginners may seem complicated and laborious. In fact, the result is much more than the effort invested. You can expand your honey production without much expense with the right approach. Beginners need to familiarize themselves with the basic secrets of caring for bees.

The main purpose of the site is to bring to everyone who is interested and cares about bee breeding, the latest and most useful information relating to bees, all about beekeeping and bee products. You will learn what you have to deal with in this trade.

I will share information about new techniques with anyone who is interested. There is a wealth of literature, videos, articles, and links to apiculture stores that have everything for the beekeeper today. The useful information on beekeeping will save time and help the novice beekeeper solve his problems.

Enjoy your time and have a great harvest!


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