How can I treat a bee sting on my tongue? 

It is important to get the victim to a doctor as soon as possible. After an accurate examination, medications will be prescribed to reduce inflammatory, allergic and painful reactions. Then all that remains is to wait. Swelling begins to subside as early as the second or third day after a bee stings a person inside the mouth, and all effects completely disappear within a couple of weeks.

How can a bee sting your tongue?

Strange as it may seem, the situation when a bee stings on the cheek or in the tissues of the tongue is quite common. There are a few reasons for this – the insect either accidentally flies into the mouth, which often happens during mass attacks near a wasp nest, or a person unintentionally brings a bee with some sweet products into the oral cavity.

Insects can smell sweets several hundred yards away and don’t always fly up with a loud buzzing sound, so a can of soda, juice, or uneaten fruit left for a while can serve as good bait for them. A person just doesn’t see the insect and accidentally puts it in his or her mouth with the food. The wasp or bee is not suited to the option of being eaten and the enclosed environment begins to use its sting.

The muscular tissues of the tongue are softer and not very dense, in addition, there is no thick skin, which could reduce the effect of penetration of a sharp sting. Therefore, if a bee or bee stings the tissues of the mouth, swelling can develop, and signs of strangulation.

According to experts, swelling of the tongue develops much more severely, because the fluid actively produced by the allergic reaction quickly fills the space between the fibers of the lingual muscles.

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What happens if a bee stings your tongue?

Symptoms of a bee sting in the tongue:

  • instantaneous sharp and burning pain at the sting site;
  • swelling and reddening of the sting site with a white dot in the center (site of sting penetration); 
  • allergic reaction;
  • progressive swelling at the sting site;
  • an itchy rash throughout the body;
  • cough, asthma-like breathing problems;
  • nausea, vomiting.

In some cases, the external picture of a bee sting is very unsightly – the tongue may be so swollen that it no longer fits in the mouth. 


What to do if you get a bee sting on your tongue?

You need to see a doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will relieve pain and swelling with properly selected medications.

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